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I possess a deep understanding of the complexities of hair loss and scalp health. I am equipped to provide comprehensive care, solutions and support centered around the patient
every person, every time.

Laura Volpe

Experiencing hair loss, whether due to Androgenic Alopecia (hereditary factors), Alopecia Areata (immune system attacks hair follicles), Telogen Effluvium (trauma/stress), or medical treatments (chemo/radiation) can be incredibly frustrating & emotionally taxing. Those facing hereditary hair loss often feel helpless, unsure of where to turn for solutions. In cases of traumatic experiences leading to hair loss, the sudden change can be shocking & devastating. Meanwhile, if you’re under the care of a physician, medications are often the culprit of hairloss.

The gap between healthcare and haircare becomes glaringly obvious. Physicians are focused on treating the health condition, and often neglect to offer support or solutions for the hair loss that may occur as a result. This leaves individuals feeling unsupported and with nowhere to turn. Seeking help from hairdressers is a common step, but cosmetologists typically fall short due to a lack of specialized training in treating hair loss. This is the vicious cycle many find themselves in, desperately searching for answers but coming up empty-handed. 

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Seeing this immense gap, and my compassion for individuals struggling with hair loss is what led me to transition from the salon industry, where I served for over 15 years as a Goldwell Master Colorist. I passionately pursued to further my education and became certified in Hair Loss Solutions through the U.S. Trichology Institute and the American Medical Certification Association. Now, as a Hairloss Specialist in Trichology, I approach hair loss from a holistic perspective. Utilizing a multi- therapeutic approach, I delve deep into your history through extensive questionnaires and personalized plans, ensuring that I uncover the root cause of your hair loss. This comprehensive and science-backed approach guarantees that you receive the most effective treatment possible, accompanied by the emotional support you need on your path to healing and feeling your best.

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