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The Hub by ProCura IoT: Safe, Reliable Cellular Connectivity

Within industrial remote monitoring, connectivity is the linchpin that enables data-driven decision-making and efficiency. At ProCura IoT, our cellular hubs are a critical hardware component within our remote monitoring ecosystem. It ensures a safe and seamless connection between our portal and your site. At the center of our cellular communication is our Hub.

November 3, 2023

The Cellular Hub: 

Within our data collection architecture, the Hub serves in multiple capacities: data collection from assets & sensors, and secure communication to the cloud. A few key features:

1. Data Collection: Our hubs have the ability to collect data from a wide range of sensors and devices.This flexibility allows us to collect data from any type of asset, sensor, or other type of data collection device. 

2. Data Aggregation: Once the data is collected, the cellular hub aggregates it, organizing the information into coherent datasets. This aggregation is crucial for the efficient transmission of data to our central platform.

3. Data Transmission: Our hubs use cellular networks to transmit the aggregated data to our user portal. This wireless communication is real-time, delivering accurate and precise insights to ProCura customers.

4. Data Security: In your monitoring solution data security is of the utmost importance. Our cellular hubs employ read-only encryption and secure protocols to safeguard the data during transmission, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.

Key Advantages of ProCura IoT Hubs

The use of our hubs within our remote monitoring and management solutions offer several key advantages:

1. Ubiquitous Connectivity: Cellular networks cover vast areas, providing connectivity even in the most remote and challenging environments. This makes our hubs ideal for monitoring applications in a wide range of industries.

2. Scalability: The hub can accommodate multiple sensors and devices, making them highly scalable. As your monitoring needs grow, you can quickly and easily expand the system.

3. Remote Accessibility: The hubs are accessible from anywhere with cellular coverage, allowing for comprehensive remote monitoring and management, even in highly distributed operations.

4. Redundancy: The ProCura IoT hub has built-in redundancy features, ensuring that data transmission continues even in the event of a network failure.


The ProCura IoT hub is a mainstay within our hardware solution. Its ability to efficiently collect, aggregate, and transmit data from our sensors in the field to the central user portal enables data-driven decision-making and ensures the efficiency and reliability of our customers' operations. Today, real-time information is paramount, and our cellular hubs play a pivotal role in connecting the dots and delivering the data.


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